Just Listen

Vincent Van Gogh: Two Women Talking to Each Other While Digging, 1885

The simple act of listening may be the most authentic thing you do today.
Nothing in between.
Just listen.

Neither one of us knows what will happen next.
We can relax.

This is how life really happens.
This is how art really happens.

It is not manufactured by your knowing.

Life, art, you, me, everything is authentic to begin with.
But that’s not how we think.
Everyone is our own worst critic.
Usually we are our only critics.

Authenticity is just a word. It is a word for what you already are.

We practice having no faith in ourselves, no trust, no acceptance. Our lives turn into an endless pursuit of self-improvement. What am I doing wrong? What am I missing? What is the secret?

Our authenticity and our creativity are one and the same thing. They are both words for spontaneity. You are life itself unfolding. You are every moment arising.

When you are unhappy, be unhappy.
When you are uncertain, be uncertain.
When you are delighted, be delighted.
When you are worried, be worried.
When you are inspired, be inspired.
When you are eager, be eager.
When you are tired, be tired.
When it’s time to work, work.
When it’s time to rest, rest.

Is your real life occurring anywhere else but here?

Relax into the rhythm of your life and your work, where everything is growing and changing all the time.

Just listen.

Read Maezen’s original post here.

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