A Little Letter to My Girls

Dear Aviva & Pearl,

I’ll tell you this girls:
don’t bet on the prince.
Get yourself a pair of boots
made for walking
and set your sights on friends
who appreciate every last
quirky thing about you.
Keep a few mysteries up your sleeves
but don’t keep secrets
that will harm you or others.
Love your bodies
and enjoy each other’s company.
If I die today
and you find this little notebook:
live a big life
and remember to find joy
in the smallest things–
the funny faces a baby makes
when she yawns,
snow falling softly,
a snuggle on the couch
or a cannonball into the deep end.
Think of me in the summer
when you’re swimming to Grandma’s raft
and always look up at the sky,
every day, in every season,
look up at the sky
and know that my love
for you is even bigger.

I love you always,

xoxo Mama

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