Turquoise Circle Home

Drive north with resistance
and fear flapping
behind me
like ragged tassels
tied to the bumper.
There, just across
the parking lot,
the very room where we toasted
our wedding day,
and here, a rusty fire
overlooking students
whose adult lives
are just emerging.

I see now, having driven
through the storm
and survived
the white out,
having pulled over
to the margins and surrendered
to zero visibility,
that it is time
I stretched out
in the backseat
and let some angels
steer me to the very edges
of all the old mother mountains.

One day, maybe soon, I will kiss the lake
that was once a salt-water sea
offer my body
to the low-slung sky.
I am not finished with the story
I’ve been told
to tell.

Let me turn the key
to a door I’ve dreamed of
for so many years
to a space flooded by sunlight,
pine board floors,
windows open to the yard.
Let me lie
on the deck in the trees,
arrange my books on shelves,
play the piano,
drink my coffee in the morning,
do my work,
earn a living,
sweep the porch and plant the gardens.
Let me watch my girls
run across the street
to play in the park,
family on all sides.

I am finding my way home,
that turquoise circle,
the jewels and sparkles,
a little river running
behind the house, just deep enough
to dunk on the hottest afternoons.
Let me be dark sky,
bright day, the sun
illuminating green
rushing branches,
the sum of all the houses,
all the close calls and near misses.
Upstairs, let my daughters
who comfort each other

Nearby, the very streets
where I first loved
being a woman,
head held high,
strong gait, chin up,
eyes fierce,
glistening, oceanic, amethyst
candlelight in the snow.
This circle is finally rounding
home, this blue wheel
turning, coming

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4 thoughts on “Turquoise Circle Home

  1. Lindsey says:

    With every single post you take my breath away … I can’t get this imagery out of my mind, it’s power is like a sock in the gut. Thank you, thank you. xoxo



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