Talking to Audre Lorde

The Black Unicorn

The black unicorn is greedy.
The black unicorn is impatient.
‘The black unicorn was mistaken
for a shadow or symbol
and taken
through a cold country
where mist painted mockeries
of my fury.
It is not on her lap where the horn rests
but deep in her moonpit
The black unicorn is restless
the black unicorn is unrelenting
the black unicorn is not

~ Audre Lorde

Her moonpit
armpit cherry pit fire pit
greedy, restless
Ripley’s Believe It Or Not
every eight year old’s dentist office dream book
an eight foot tall Mongolian sheepherder
a woman with horns

You have a horn Mama
one nobody can see
and only a few hands have touched

Mist painted mockeries
refusal to be shrouded, softened
by brush strokes
or forgiving light

Shine it on
shine it on me
God, there
I said it
the unsayable

Impatient, restless, unrelenting
and also
this —
learning to dance and rest
at the same time
flickering low and blazing
fire pit
shadow and symbol, words
and pictures
Not free, my fury
my child
my beautiful babies

Free! Insist!
The old books bound behind you
refuse to be barren
call out for what you want

But first, settle
not because you should
but because you must into
your own bones
liquid, seeping light


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