Open Door

I dreamt of waking
early in the morning.
Downstairs, all the doors
were unlocked
and the side door of the house
was wide open.
Had I left it open
all night?
Or was it Elijah
making an early appearance
reminding me
we’re coming up
on the season of Freedom?
The early morning trees
are swaying hello.
I sway back.
Then I notice the yellow
swings also rocking
back and forth
in the warm April wind.
Everything is waking.
Will you?
Please, say yes.
Forget everything you learned,
forget the papers they gave you
and forget the school
of hard knocks,
forget illusions
of control and blame.
Hello, trees.
Hello, swings.
Hello, Elijah.
Hello, wind.
Hello, yes.
Hello, new day.

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