Rainy Day Delay

Sometimes it takes a classic movie scene,
where you stand
under a streetlamp,
the church clock chiming nine,
the graffiti of forgiveness
on a nearby bench,
the rain falling softly,
saying something wordless
between hello and goodbye
speaking with just your eyes,
to feel perfection, for a moment.

Sometimes it takes a friend
to get you out of the house
on a Sunday afternoon
when you just want to lie in bed
listening to the rain.
Sometimes it takes sweat
dripping in your eyes
to remind you there’s a body
attached to your brain.
Sometimes it takes surrender
to your own silence
to open your ears
to hear the birds singing.
Sometimes it takes risking
what you don’t want to lose
to see tiny blue flowers poking
out through the rubble.

And sometimes you have to pause,
in order to find your way
to the ending you’re hoping for.

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