suddenly a gust of wind

such a sweaty day
time with the girls
air conditioned hours
Border’s children’s area
sitting on the floor
reading books and hanging out
letting all plans go
in favor of staying cool
being together
ice cream at Ben & Jerry’s
a new slip-n-slide
half wardrobes in garbage bags
and books in boxes
hearts opening and closing
like morning glories
jades in the kitchen
adjusting to a new light
reliving the day
after finally showering
devouring pizza
leaning into the changes
counting syllables
to temper the disbelief
that this is all real
suddenly a gust of wind
silences comprehending
a loving teacher
bigger than any of us
sweeps across the night
God breathing a reminder
to inhale, exhale
impossible to ignore
the warm night music
a loving imperative
to keep letting go
trust father sky, mother earth
fearlessly listen
no talking, no processing
and all will be well
all will be well
all will be well

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