Shifting Patterns

Life is a kaleidescope–
make one shift and the whole pattern changes.

~ Sharon Salzberg

You shift your weight
from one foot to the other,
feeling for the balance
between self and other,
between static and supple,
between busy and the beginning
of the Sabbath.

As a kid, you avoided being grounded.
Now it’s your imperative
to find support beneath
strong legs, torso, shoulders,
a heavy head playing with lightness
like the kaleidoscope plays with light,

each tiny tile or piece of glass
affecting the others,
each ounce of your weight
informing how your whole body moves,
the way the day itself expands and contracts,
breathing you.

Look around:
The line of the lake
against mountains,
a triangular rooftop pokes
a horizontal tin frame,
cylindrical chimney, wooden post,
one rugged beam crossing another.

Love–its form elusive,
ungraspable as the air
we breathe, molecules we can’t perceive
that fill our bodies,
give and end life–
for all its shape-shifting, persists.

Shift, and your rigid stance
comes shaking loose,
or you find yourself standing ground
where you used to swallow intuition,
some new source of light
the patterns
of a kaleidoscopic heart.

2 thoughts on “Shifting Patterns

  1. Therese Ray says:

    Seriously, your writing comes from a perspective i can so relate to and i appreciate the resonance, new perspectives and viewpoints i gain through your words. It helps keep me on my own path… a little more brave and steadfast in my own work. I don’t know you at all, but definitely have much gratitude for this. ~Therese


  2. Beth Patterson says:

    It all seems to be about finding ground, losing ground, finding new ground, you know.
    We just seem to become more conscious of the process, it becomes more humorous, more luminous, less dramatic somehow.

    Much love to you, Jena-san.



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