Carry me away on colors…

I want to wake up and lie down on a cotton sheet on your floor in an empty room where sunlight streams in from windows we didn’t even know were there, to offer myself as canvas stretching hours into days and weeks to years, translucent tears casting rainbows across the fever of whatever palette you lose yourself to, closing your eyes, choosing me, initiating my body into some timeless temple that could be in a jungle or a forest or a desert or the wide-open sea. I want you to dip me, drench me in cobalt blue, lightly place paint chips on my lids, cherry coat these slighted parted lips, rain cherry blossom pink over sunken cheeks, brighten the bleakness under tired eyes, do a dijon dance across my soft belly with an even softer brush, stroke wide swaths of fuchsia across the horizon of my small breasts, give me a restful sage to float away on and something skyward and golden over the crown on my head, grind the soles of my feet to soil dark as composted coffee, encircle me in grey clouds, carry me away on colors you don’t even know the names of, and don’t stop until the painter and the painted have become one and the room where we began becomes a bird, aloft, soaring lush currents of tropical air.

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