The Love Child of Kripalu and Betty Ford

Day 4, National Harbor, MD

Dedicated with gratitude to my awesome and supportive colleague and running buddy, Mike, and his contagious “life is good” energy.

And to my shadow.

1. A Quote

Approach change as a great adventure. Believe that all change is for your higher good or it wouldn’t be happening. You can learn to cope with change in joyful, peaceful ways by trusting that the universe is friendly and that your Higher Self loves you and is looking out for you. If your personality isn’t willing to make the needed changes, sometimes your Higher Self will set things up so that change is made for you! Act upon the whispers before they become shouts; make changes your inner self suggests to you.

~ Rev. Maria Dancing Heart Hoaglund, The Last Adventure of Life

2. A Story

Maybe thirty minutes into what turned into a ten-mile run yesterday morning that began in Old Town Alexandria and ended at the Washington Monument, I told Mike about the fantasy where I go off somewhere–part retreat, part rehab–where there are meals and long walks on the beach and lots of quiet time in which to reconnect with feeling healthy and rested, maybe even inspired.

“You’re on it! It’s Club Mike!” he said jubilantly.

The 30-or-so miles we’ve logged since Sunday are lending solid ground to some huge shift in my own inner knowing and readiness. The whispers were becoming shouts again. I still woke up today craving a clove. But on our run, we saw seven deer–and one of them stopped and looked right at me for a moment. Good medicine.

3. A Shadow

She prefers secluded places to sit and savor those long-burning cloves–and I love her for how fiercely she seeks to protect my solitude, anonymity, and creative process. I may be quitting smoking, but I am not sending her into exile again. She is way too cool to banish. And the fact is–we are one.

6 thoughts on “The Love Child of Kripalu and Betty Ford

  1. julie says:

    I’ll meet you at Kripalu! The beds are uncomfortable but the FOOD! I’ll bring my running shoes. I quit coffee the same week you quit sparking cloves. There are no coincidences :-)


  2. Pamela says:

    I have always struggled to understand the rerm: shadow self. It hasn’t made sense to me until I read this. I get it now! Thank you for helping me see what my own shadow is giving me. She shouts a lot too. And sometimes she whines.

    you and Mike are doing some kick ass runs! Whoo!!


  3. krforand says:

    Jena–I love that you are doing these long runs during this time. Long runs are so grounding, so centering. I have run through my toughest moments in life, and after my longest runs, I have felt cleansed, whole, at peace.
    Keep it up, girlfriend!
    Love to you-K


  4. Kathryn says:

    I second what Pamela said. I never fully got the shadow thing, until just now with your number 3. ‘The fact is we are one’. I love and admire my shadow too. She has some really fun, fierce, and sometimes a little reclusive things about her. It’s not all healthy and sunshiney but there is a lot of good there that I don’t want to wish away. I want to thank her for giving me that dimension of myself. Namaste. In the truest sense of the word, Namaste.



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