Time Travelers

I’m ready to time travel
she said
as we walked circles
in running socks
around a cul-de-sac,
avoiding minivans
and inquiries

I’m ready to smoke
Parisian cigarettes
to walk arm-in-arm
with you through
art-deco doors
to take the town
by storm

I’m ready for
knock-off jewels
our flapper dresses
dripping and dancing
Bojangles Robinson

This morning
I woke
and wondered
if maybe
we are already
time travelers
real lives
we share
in other

Clearly you and I
share many lifetimes
and who’s to say
they happen one
that sounds awfully

our eras must
collide and shimmy
collapse and rise
squeeze and bend
from the Two-Step
to the Charleston
from the witch trials
to the train tracks
from morning glory
where we climb
a couple of
barefeoot girls
to the old-lady
beaches in Cabo
where we sip
and sit
and enjoy the view

while the sun goes down
while the sun goes down

7 thoughts on “Time Travelers

  1. Amy Williamson says:

    This is really beautiful and inspiring, Jena. Our friend Maya Stein suggested I friend you on Facebook. She thought you might be someone with some wisdom and words for me. Based on this gorgeous piece of writing, I can tell she’s right… thanks for sharing it.


  2. Kristen @ Motherese says:

    Gosh, this is so lovely. Your poem feels to me like the literary companion to the film Midnight in Paris, which I saw this weekend and loved.

    Visiting on the advice of my friend Pamela and very grateful that I have. Thank you for sharing these beautiful words.



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