song pouring out like light

And then a day came
so long awaited
when suddenly
it was this easy
to play and play
to make love
to the keys
geranium lingering
in the air
all around
pink petals
on the floor
the cat knocked over
a caress
a wave lifting
gentle then fierce
a tune so effortless
it slid from my hands
and I let it go
a home so ancient
I could go anywhere
and belong
a heart so open
a life so big
a love so
needed knowing
or naming
or next
so scary and yet
so very, very safe
to just keep playing
and playing
and playing
and playing
if tears come
let tears come
if you don’t know
what to say
let silence speak
of timelessness
and right-on-time-ness
the song pouring
like light
from your hands.

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