What if it were easy?

For years, I didn’t get it. This question confounded me. I wanted to get it, to be relieved of the perpetual, oppressive striving and comparing and improving and “working on” how I related to my body, food, money, sex, friendship, work, marriage, parenting–in short, everything. I wanted it to be easy. And it wasn’t.

Read the rest of this post at Roots of She — with thanks to Jenn Gibson for inviting me to contribute to the “Oh, these Wild Women” series.

2 thoughts on “What if it were easy?

  1. John says:

    Why is it soooo hard to make it easy on ourselves? Why does it feel so difficult to just be with all of it, without needing to correct, improve, get rid of the uncomfortable? To be alive is to experience the range of things, so to be fully alive is to fully experience even the loss, discomfort, loneliness, anger and devastation that we risk when we choose the way of love. Thank you Jena for making this all this feel possible to endure, and maybe to view as worthwhile, and maybe maybe even to recognize as beautiful.


  2. gailnhb says:

    What an absolutely beautiful piece, Jena. I laughed and groaned and saw myself in so many places. Thank you for telling your story so well, so often, with such truth and grace and pain all woven into it and into yourself. And thank you for making it so much easier for me to do the same in my own life and words and in my own heart.

    If it can’t be easy, it can at least be true and strong.



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