A Conversation About Truth

If a thought hurts, it’s a sign it isn’t true. ~ Byron Katie

The discipline of poetry is in overhearing yourself say difficult truths from which it is impossible to retreat. Poetry is a break for freedom. ~ David Whyte

But we speak of “painful truths.”

And we speak of “the hard truth” and “difficult truths.”

Why is this?

What’s true for you?

What’s “truth” to you?

How do you know?

Where do you turn when you need reminding?

6 thoughts on “A Conversation About Truth

  1. Jena says:

    Janice — truth, dat. Laura — I almost asked, “How do you know this?” But the “how” doesn’t matter, it’s the knowing that’s true. So glad to hear.


  2. krista says:

    What may appear as truth to one person will often appear as untruth to another person. But that need not worry the seeker. Where there is honest effort, it will be realized that what appears to be different truths are like the countless and apparently different leaves of the same tree…Truth is the right designation of God. Hence there is nothing wrong in every man following Truth according to his lights. Indeed it is his duty to do so. Then if there is a mistake on the part of anyone so following Truth, it will be automatically set right. For the quest of Trust involves tapas – self-suffering – sometimes even unto death. There can be no place in it for even a trace of self-interest. In such selfless search for Truth, nobody can lose his bearing for long.



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