I found myself wondering
how best to thank you

for picking up
for dropping out
for pulling it out of me
for playlists and secret notebooks
of words you pluck as if from strings
in the sky
chords you strike and covers you lift

for risking failure
in the name of truth
knowing truth wears many faces

for going the distance
for closing the gap
for a downpour of laughter
just when I thought the sky
would surely collapse
under its own weight

for running towards
and not away from
for saying yes
that aches
but tell me
tell me anyway
tell me everything

for slow hands and fast cars
for finding me
after I found myself
not a moment too soon or too late
or too anything

for meeting me here
in this tumbling empty space
and tolerating my free-fall

They say the bad news is we’re falling
and the good news is there’s no ground
I say the good news is we’re falling
and this may be something
we do alone
but this is not something
we do alone

I could long for a landing
or dread the crash
or I could simply say thank you
pull the string
let the winds carry me
where they will
traverse the wide-open spaces of knowing
and not-knowing
of yes
and of if
and of when
and of how

all the while
keeping my eyes peeled
for a hand on the horizon
I can take in mine
before finally

4 thoughts on “Parachute

  1. Jennifer Leventin says:

    When reading this I immediately loved it. To me it hit home – having a person be “your person” in your life! Thank you Jena :)



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