No Room for Shame at the Inn

What if you knew
everything was going to be ok?

And that the Universe is conspiring in your favor
and happily busy working on your behalf
right this very minute?

That every time you say no to the “should”
you are also saying yes to good things you don’t even know about yet?

That you have never regretted letting yourself be seen
though it can be so very uncomfortable and vulnerable?

There is no room for shame at the Inn.

No need for positive thinking or manifesting or Proof of Purchase–
being yourself is enough. More than enough.
It is your gift and your birthright.

So keep going. Each day leads to the next.
Your dreams are not too big, not unreasonable, not delusional.

They are invitations, written on the sky,
and they will join with the dust of stars
and rain back down on your life
in a shower of blessings
and awesome surprises.

Receive them. Receive.

7 thoughts on “No Room for Shame at the Inn

  1. Therese Ray says:

    You. could. not. possibly. have any idea how synchronous this is for my life at this very moment, and how much this little reminder has hit me in the just right spot moving my breath towards exhalation. Seriously. :) Thank you!



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