Dayenu: Two New Reviews & Giveaways

I met Katrina Kenison in September, 2010. It was Yom Kippur in fact, just weeks after Greg and I decided to separate, and we had both traveled to Boston for a day-long retreat with Karen Maezen Miller. Katrina shared with us that a close friend of hers was in her last days of battling ovarian cancer, and she gifted us with a reading.

Her presence was real and tender and soulful, her writing beautiful, and I felt grateful to hear her voice in a room full of women who had come together to spend a day just being, coming home to ourselves, and to remember all we ever really need to know:

love is attention
attention is breath
breath is faith
faith is patience.

And the circles grow and widen. A few weeks ago, Katrina read Lindsey Mead’s review of “Don’t Miss This.” After she began reading the poems, we exchanged emails, both stunned at our deep sense of kinship. It may look as if your life is very different from mine, mine from yours, but that separation is illusion; we are so very alike.

Yesterday, I was honored to read Katrina’s review of the book on her website:

“I was startled, when I opened the book at random the day it arrived and began to read, to find myself in tears… This, at a glance, is not the story of my life. And yet, it seemed as if every poem I read revealed to me something that is absolutely the story of my life.”

There is a blessing we say–sing, actually–at the Passover seder. Maybe you know it (and advanced apologies if this gets stuck in your head for the rest of the day): Dayenu. It would have been enough. Were just one person to find herself in my words, and choose to share them with friends and readers, it would have been enough.

So when I read another new review of “Don’t Miss This” early this morning, by another writer and mama I admire, Pamela Hunt–whom I was also lucky enough to meet in person in Alexandria, Virginia last December–I truly had a dayenu moment.

“Reading Don’t Miss This is almost like sitting beside Jena herself. Her words on the page contain her warmth, her grace, her fearlessness. Her writing is mesmerizing and sharp, taut and fluid.”

It is nothing short of magical to me, to see this book spreading its wings and finding its way into the wider world. It is my dream.

Both Katrina and Pamela will be drawing a random winner to receive a signed copy of “Don’t Miss This.” Read Katrina’s review here, and Pamela’s here, and be sure to leave a comment for their book giveaways.

I’m also doing a weekly giveaway on Facebook–so be sure to “like” the book’s page.

6 thoughts on “Dayenu: Two New Reviews & Giveaways

  1. wednesdayscreationsstudio says:

    I am about to spend some time this morning to dive into your words – I have been waiting for my day off to do so.
    Already I am marveling at the crossovers and connections the universe provides.
    Hearts are muscles – contracting and expanding – just like each breath
    Opa! :-)


  2. universalgrit says:

    I ordered my copy of your highly recommended memoir of poems yesterday. I am finally at the slow part of my summer and I cannot wait to read your words. (I, too, was at that Boston retreat and remember your warm smile. I, too, read Katrina’s and Pamela’s and Lindsey’s blogs. I, too, believe, that we are all very much alike.) xoxo


  3. Patricia Dolan says:

    I was in the room to that day! Thank you for sharing your truth we me. I “Don’t Want to Miss This” Book. Please count me in! I would be honored to receive and embrace Jenna’s thoughtful prose, telling truth and candid courage via the written word. Sitting with her words is the next best thing to being in her company.

    Warmest Regards,



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