V for Vitality: An Interview

When I was pregnant with Aviva and we first thought of her name, probably sometime in my third trimester, Greg and I had a game where we brainstormed lively “V” words: Vivacious, vigor, valiant, victory, vixen, va-va-va-voom, and so on.

No doubt, vitality was in there, which was my first thought when I heard the name of Susan Brender’s radio show for women, “V for Vitality.” Susan interviewed me over the phone a week ago about “Don’t Miss This,” and our conversation aired online yesterday.

I had to stay light on my feet in response to her questions–which ranged from what practice means to me to whether coming out felt “sinful” and how music and poetry are related. Seeing as these are some of my favorite topics, it’s safe to say I had a lot of fun at the dance.

If you’re so inclined, you can listen to all twenty-seven minutes of the show here. I hope you enjoy it!

p.s. Quick! What’s your “V” word?

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