Holes in the walls
now patched with white putty
art leaning in uneven stacks
on the bedroom floor
in my favorite light
from the east

Junk drawers emptied
and wiped clean asking
the classic question of why I waited
so long
to trash the broken bits
of pottery I threatened for years
to repair
the crooked nails
the outdated birthday candles–
two, three, and four–
did I think maybe
I’d reuse them
when someone turned twelve
or thirty-two or twenty-four?

Finally selling the mirror
and the big comfy chair
that never quite fit anywhere
discarding the empty frame
that used to border
vows we’ve released
in handfuls like ash
no more standing
on ceremony or navigating
broken glass
free now
to walk
through this house

7 thoughts on “Packing

  1. gailnhb says:

    Oh, yes. Walk barefoot through your house and out of this house into your new life. Head up, shoulders back and down – off you go, dear Jena.

    No worries about not discarding the broken bits earlier. You are doing so now. And don’t you smile when you see those bits, when you remember those hopes and dreams you once held so dear and so close? Sure, it’s time to release them now, but when you had them, they were so, so good. So were mine.

    PS. Does that mean I should also consider getting rid of my pre-owned and pre-used candles???



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