Overheard at Home

Do you know what self-talk means?

I forget.

It’s when you tell yourself things.

You learned that in guidance.

It’s when you tell yourself something, you know, to help you focus.

My teacher is teaching us how to focus.

Sometimes we do games, like someone is jumping up and down and going “wa-hooo!” in the corner of the room, and we all have to keep our attention on the teacher.

And my teacher has these dog and snail puppets, and sometimes the dog is trying to distract us but the snail is doing all the work, so we all focus on the snail.


What’s your self-talk? Where’s your focus? Who is the dog? What is the snail? Who’s doing all the work? Who’s your teacher? How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you were?

First and second-graders are not reading meaning into any of these things. There is no metaphor. The snail is the snail and the dog is the dog. The teacher is the focal point. Distraction is noisy and usually peripheral. Most likely relentless, until it gets bored and gives up.

The end.

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