Our Opus

Around the day in eighty worlds
Is often how I feel as the day closes
With my two girls
Through moods and tears
Theirs and mine
Cookies and dances
Songs and sketchbooks
Ladies and gentlemen
We cover every climate
In a day
Sometimes in an hour, a moment
Alternating between melt and freeze
Tag and tantrum
Hard and soft
Sweatshirt hoods pulled tight
To conceal angry faces
Catch with the dogs
Cats on the counters
Stringing tiny shimmer beads
Onto carefully conceived gifts
Problems, puzzles, solutions
Bubble baths and appreciations
Allowances and attacks and encouragements
Much-needed hugs and much-needed space
Our house runs the whole gamut
The whole megillah
The entire opus all four seasons
And seven movements of a grand
Sometimes glorious
Sometimes exhausting
Sometimes maddening
Always miraculous aria of three

5 thoughts on “Our Opus

  1. Jennifer says:

    Very true, Jena. My daughter and I are having the experience of her starting her period in the same year that mine seems to be departing. We are doing a dance, for sure – many ups and downs but when we meet in some calmer midpoint, it’s always really beautiful.



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