Reasons Why

The glass canister filled with espresso next to the stove
and the espresso pot my sister gave me

Standing in the parking lot talking long after a goodnight hug

Krishna for opening his mouth and showing Arjuna the whole universe

Arjuna for seeing the truth and for visiting me

My dad for asking if I wanted to come eat spaghetti and meatballs

Sitting with my little one on a scary day

How November redeems its grey with pink streaks in the mornings

Email exchanges that remind me to aim the sword at my own head

Reaching out to an old friend and hearing back

Finding a chant to steady the boat

Mailing my book to a complete stranger in Lansing, MI

Saying have a nice day to the woman at the post office

The way my dog dashes and delights in running in the woods

The fierce tenderness I feel for the girl who is afraid to eat

Trader Joe’s butter chicken on my nights alone

The birthday card my daughter is making for me two months early

The way snow turns to water and water to wine–maybe

The Vietnam vet who stopped drinking twenty-five years ago

The friend who is on her third day of chemo

Knowing when to bow and when to rise

A cousin who speaks Dutch and has my same big hair

Nona who chain-smoked at the kitchen table and gave me her eyes

Basic bodily functions and daily independence

Good water pressure and sweet sugar scrub

The promise of another reunion

The gift of a brand new 24 hours

Never knowing when too late could be

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