Winter Harvest

pull yourself up girl
from the underside of sparkle
the debris of dreams
the middle of the road
where you knelt keening

you’re not the first
and won’t be the last
to stand on a crumbling axis
losing your balance
peering down at the river

let your work set you free
a redemption song to those
who truly suffered
count your blessings
crack open an egg from the farm

there’s mind over matter
and there’s the sky over there
behind the bare trees rising
today be the texture of clouds
and of your rumpled sheets

if one person reads this
and understands the swollen eyes
how after great pain
when a formal feeling comes
you stand on a monument of stone

fog obscuring the horizon
will you swim straight across
or fly into the sun
or walk parallel to the flatline
and pick up some shells

you hear the rooster crowing
from across a nearby field
that is when you remember
today is the day you harvest
the last scraps of faith
you planted so many seasons ago

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