Snuggled up close
my back to her front
Pearl whispered
I am taking all of the love
and putting it in this kiss
which she planted
on my shoulder
Aviva said
now you won’t have any left
and I said
the more love you give
the more you have
to which she responded
that never makes any sense
to which I responded
I know, that’s why it’s so amazing
Then Pearl
reached her open hand
over to my face
and I kissed her palm
She closed her little fist
and said
I’m going to keep this
in my mouth
because I don’t have any pockets

5 thoughts on “Prayer

  1. cathykal says:

    Thank you for sharing your children. This is just precious and soooo important I think there are many adults who might miss it if you didn’t so beautifully explain it to the world :)



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