The Year that Begins


With my children turning seven and eleven
My 39th birthday in thirteen days
A poetry reading on the fifteenth
An engagement ring I even want to wear in my sleep
Kind exchanges between me and a River man
A tiny bit of savings I want to be smart about
Pulling up the shades and appreciating the winter light
The inaudible rustling of a new book writing itself
Cold pizza two thousand miles away
Hope for a girl’s full recovery
Hope for a friend’s full recovery
Hope for an aunt’s full recovery
Visions of movement
Two small incisions on my scalp, where I had cysts removed yesterday
A rested body after a reiki session
Feeding my neighbor’s grateful kitty
A strong cup of coffee
No longer being a homeowner
Wishing the family who is settling into our old house well
Gratitude for my two sisters
Gratitude for all of my soul sisters, all over the world
Gratitude of my brothers who paint and write and dance
Blowing kisses to the stadium where she died
A hug for a friend who just lost her father
A hug for friend who just lost her mother
An ache for those who wake without their babies
Letting the Universe take care of the plans
A bright cardinal against a grey sky
The silence of fallen snow
A fading rainbow over the ocean
Fleecy pajama bottoms
A bag full of clothes for Goodwill
An empty tub of yogurt-covered pretzels
A mask on the wall
A new fort in my daughter’s room
The promise of new friendships
The comfort of old friendships
A bow, a yawn, a stretch
The ceiling, the floor, the window, the door
Ciao, namaste, aloha, shalom
A hot shower and a few hours at the soup kitchen
A supplication to the prayer of otherwise
and the peace of acceptance
gliding into the body, the bones, the home of better and worse
of scattered ashes and last year’s scars
of stiff, aging hands and a softening heart

7 thoughts on “The Year that Begins

  1. gailnhb says:

    Happy new year, Jena.
    What is it about lists that I love so much? Especially your lists???
    I hope you don’t mind if one of my upcoming posts imitates this…
    I will give you the credit you are due.
    And some day that will translate into the long, warm hug you are due.
    Happy new everyday. Happy new every single day!



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