paradise lost


You’ve seen if enough times to know that life is bigger, bigger than you…

that when you try to look directly at a bright star, sometimes it winks dark

that wishing and living are the hand game you play with children, making an illusive tower that never gains height nor topples

that being is what happens in line at the grocery store by the tabloids over negotiations for gum

that dreams of teeth signify loss and your heart calls for the current that would usher you home

that paradise is barefoot and never once gets lost though you may fill your lungs with clove oil and smear your face with creosote

begging the ocean to break down the door and the desert to fill you with breath

as some great turning whispers your yearning to sleep and stares you fearlessly down at dawn

practice by opening the door when you see a stranger coming and with words like Tangier on your tongue

exotic promises imagining the two halves of your brain cross-sectioned, sweet as fresh-squeezed tangerine juice dribbling down your chin

or dripping between your breasts where you once leaked stars into a new baby’s golden suckle

escape the prison of your head like her cry when you pulled away asked you to move in

move in closer my little dove, fly an olive branch across the miles of unseen time, high above the heavy mountains and abandoned landscapes of desire

deliver me to her bushels of bending irises blue as silk, a translucent sky uttering silence

acquiescent to none other than a life big enough to embody all of these impossible spaces of longing


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