A Little Breather

Last clove, 2/13/13, 7:30am

Last one, 2/13/13, 7:30am

The nicotine patch
helped me stop eight years ago
June sixteenth, two thousand five

February tenth
just over two years ago
I started again

For three weeks or for two months
I’ve quit and then caved
Addiction is a battle

I’m tired of fighting
The ache in my chest
Out of breath when I’m running

The lines in my face
My girls’ changing young faces
Hope for a future

Second day deep gulping breaths
imagining spring
tiny green buds in my lungs

Emotions raw nowhere to go
but in and out inhaling
and exhaling oxygen

Coming out and coming clean
a double helix
smoking–my pause between things
a little breather

Oh, the irony

One thought on “A Little Breather

  1. Therese Ray says:

    Oh man i quit over a decade ago after 2 packs a day. First few weeks are so tough. Sending many good wishes your way. Such a loving thing to do for your health. One of the greatest risk factors for almost every disease we learn in med school. Stopping, even after long term smoking, can hugely turn that around. Many good vibes and Good Luck!



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