issuetwo-buynow-buttonIn September, 2008, I said yes.

“It is so very hard to leave, which is exactly why I’m doing it.” That’s what I wrote the night before flying out west.

My friend Isabel, who I first “met” through this blog in December of 2007, was waiting for me at the Seattle airport and together we drove a rental car north to Acme–a teeny-tiny middle-of-nowhere town, to spend a long weekend with three other women, none of whom I’d ever met.

Marybeth Bonfiglio was our host. The minute she walked out onto her front porch to greet us, I loved her. Actually, I think I was in awe of her. Her voice. Her wild hair. Her cackle. Her irreverence. Her face. Her clothes. The way she inhabited her body and her space. Her being. She seemed… free. Sexy. Fiery. Italian. Embodied.

MB stirred something awake in me–and has continued to do so through words and music and humor and realness and kick-ass-ness ever since. (Plus, she is a rockin’ mama who lives in a yurt with three girls under ten. Come ON!)

She interviewed me about Don’t Miss This for the Spring 2013 issue of Amulet. I’ve been looking forward to seeing it for the past month or so.

What I didn’t expect was her introduction, which I just read tonight:

I first met Jena at a women’s gathering taking place at my house almost 4 years ago. There was a small circle of us, and somewhere between sculpting some clay and doing raw oyster shooters {I might have been the only one doing that}, I immediately fell in love with this woman, mother, and poet. From head to toe, she’s grounded and in flight. A dreamer, a believer, a feathery and fierce wisp of magic – and she struck me with her lightning. I’ve been reading her words ever since, gathering her life in as inspiration to live my own on whatever volume I choose. She ignites me to not only think about what I want, but to get out of my damn head and live it like it’s all I got. That’s a good friend. And a stellar writer.

Please give yourself and/or someone you love this gift of nearly 150 pages (digital or printed, your choice) of beauty, nourishment, and wisdom by so many incredible women. Trust me: it is worth so much more than cover price.

And MB: Just wow. Thank you. I love you.


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