Done. Ready.

starlings_1778800iSeveral years ago, I discovered two words. Like a toddler delighting in language and sound I would repeat them in combination, an incantation, a prayer, a recipe for resolve. Together, they contained great clarity, energy, and momentum.

Done. Done talking about it. Done going in circles. Done wondering, worrying, and waiting. Done wringing my hands, done with self-pity and doubt. Done complaining. Done lamenting. Done denying. Done with excuses, done holding back, done with small and done with struggle. Done with tomorrow.

Ready. Ready for today. Ready to go, to hit the ground running. Ready for what’s next, ready for what’s here, ready to say yes, ready to say no. Ready to reclaim and ready to let go. Ready to jump and ready to fly, ready to be a plump robin, a single starling, the treetops skimming the sky. Ready to leap and ready to stay, ready to say what I’ve been waiting to say, ready to act, ready to stop acting. Ready to live.

I have continued to find that when there is a holding pattern, a stasis or a vortex or a holding back, it is these two words that unleash movement. Done circling, ready to dive. Done wishing, ready to work. Done wanting, ready to reach. Done feeling separate, ready to join. Done joining, ready to stand alone. Done premeditating perfection, ready to risk. Done with the heavy load, the disorganized, the false sense of overwhelm. Ready to do one thing at a time, to take control where control can be taken, and done grasping control over what isn’t mine to maneuver. Which rhymes with Vancouver, and that’s just fun.

It’s fun to be done. It’s power to be ready. Give it a try–and be sure to let me know how it goes.

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