Pay What You Can

popsicles pictureIt’s a good thing I felt so sick Tuesday I decided to go to the doctor before heading to a conference in New Jersey for the rest of the week. She gave me a once over and confirmed classic sinusitis symptoms, advising me “if at all possible” to go home to sleep. I cancelled my trip and did just that, spending a marathon 36 hours in bed.

It’s a good thing I got sick, and that I got some rest, because yesterday morning found me and Aviva at the ER. And true to form, the Universe made sure I was right where I needed to be: with her. Post-op eating popsicles.

She is now appendix-free. We’re still in the hospital, waiting around for the surgeon to give us an all-clear. Last night, her dad and sister came bringing all kinds of sunshine and good cheer, followed by cousins commiserating about their various ER adventures. An amazing friend is bringing a cinnamon roll for Aviva and an iced latte for me. And we just got an unexpected visit from an 86-year-old rabbi who’s about to leave his Victorian home and has to figure out what to do with a library of 5,000 books nobody seems have room for or want.

Yesterday, someone asked me what I was doing to “market” my new book. And at the moment, the answer is: nothing.

I am doing nothing other than expressing my appreciation for every fabulous unsung nurse, every old man who once played the cowardly lion in The Wizard of Oz, every friend and sister who goes out of her way, every dad who cooks a meal, every child who heals.

While you’re more than welcome to purchase either or both of my two books on Amazon, I’m digging the more personal approach.

So here’s the deal, if you want to read “Don’t Miss This” and/or “The Inside of Out” and haven’t bought a copy yet:

Pay what you can. Pay what you want. Pay what you will. Pay it back and pay it forward. Pay with a review on Amazon or a gift for a friend or a foot rub for your kiddo. Value has a million expressions, of which you are a one and only.

p.s. PayPal not your thing? Email me.

3 thoughts on “Pay What You Can

  1. Anthony Watkins says:

    Good luck with your recovering patient! I am finding I enjoy your blog almost as much as your poetry. Looking forward to reading Don’t Miss This!



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