Libra Love

il_570xN.202356785There is something in me maybe someday 
to be written; now it is folded, and folded, 
and folded, like a note in school.”
― Sharon Olds

A facebook friend posted these lines yesterday. They inspired a poem, “Unfolded,” which turned out to be a poem for Karen Maezen Miller on her birthday.

Today is the birthday of another one of my teachers, Vicki Hoefle, the brilliant and beautiful creator of Parenting on Track, whose wisdom and irreverence infuse my ways with myself and my girls, especially when I forget, which is often.

And tomorrow is the birthday of my chosen one. In a week, I’ll fly out to celebrate her in person, sure to call my dad from Phoenix a to wish him a happy birthday, and my best friend’s twin girls turning ten, only to return to Amherst to see my own beautiful daughter welcome eleven.

So many Libras. So many teachers. So much love. Life, unfolded.

Visit Maezen’s blog to read the poem.

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