They Say


They say don’t negotiate with terrorists

They say don’t take the bait

They say a bully is just a boy
swinging his weight around the swingset

They say don’t talk with your mouth full

They say it takes two to tango

They say how short was your skirt

They say he said and she said

They say sign the petition

They say ignorance is bliss

They say every penny counts

They say children don’t miss a thing

They say the walls have ears

They say we will take that into account

They say can we get that in writing

They say save one life and you’ve saved
the whole world

They say it began with the word

They say love wins
and what I hear is this:

Love doesn’t play
because love is not a game

They say love is patient,
love is kind–

and that– that is when I start
paying attention

Image: The Huntress Diana, Arthur Rackham (1867 – 1939)

2 thoughts on “They Say

  1. daniel says:

    you know, it seems like love is beyond words no “they say” here it’s in the eyes, the smile, the heart the soul yes, :”that is when I start paying attention” beautiful



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