taking a breath


not cursing the rain
but praying for more
even as it falls
like the rabbi said to

listening to someone
who was hurting
asking as she cried
if she was angry

reminding my little one
I will always be her mama
as I tickle her belly
with a wet washcloth

quieting my own judge
and acknowledging
desire and options instead
of shutting them away

working and sleeping
and eating when it’s time
letting the tears fall
when she asks me

keeping some things
to myself, like the dream
the priest doesn’t need
or care to hear

taking a breath
is easy when I see
what’s right here–
the cold rain

the loyal child
the costumed teenager
the mirroring of moods
and weather

the kitchen table of a life
I wished and waited for
and the leaves disintegrating
for next summer’s garden

Image: Winter Ache, Valentina Krochik

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