Because you have survived
dark nights of the soul beyond

because you woke
one morning on a beach
in a trailer and said goodbye
to anger,

because you nursed
babies who became beautiful

because you defied
death threats, taught yourself
the Bhagavad Gita, Bukowski,
the DSM, and Leonard Cohen,

because you mopped
the temple floors, received
your name from the Vedas,

talk to your plants and fictional
characters, know the difference
between Pollyanna and pragmatism,

because your hands don’t lie
and your eyes are the kindest
oceans I’ve ever swum,

because you know from nothing
and thus appreciate everything,

because you let me keep you
warm when you’re chilled
to the bone,

because you dream
in languages you never learned,
know lifetimes of suffering

and that food is love
and that god is love

and that love never hinges
on proving the worth we brought
with us,

because you are a mountain,
a midwife, a huntress, a mother,

because you befriended the Indian
couple at the corner store
and knew the homeless guys
in the park by their street names,

because you’ve untied knots
worthy of the most famed magicians,

because you withhold judgment
and know how to listen–
for these many reasons,

I believe you when you smile
come hell or high water,

and trust that the future
is a dream on the tips
of our tongues in the morning,

a date written and sealed
that was always awaiting
our betrothal.

4 thoughts on “Betrothal

  1. daniel says:

    Jena–I think this is the most beautiful testament to love I have ever read, heard, seen, known of. Your future path with your Beloved is opened in a special way that harmonizes with the deepest forces in life. With Hashem, with Buddha, with the pagan forces that precede and run through all of us.
    May you live in happiness and continually renewed love.



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