useful beautiful


mountain of static on the bed I begin folding she works
at the little desk not two feet away she’s twelve hours in
with two articles to go hers hers hers hers mine
except for the lace bits increasingly impossible to tell
whose is whose they call this blending growing up
in a family where How I Met Your Mother could be a game
we play at night like comparing oreo-eating styles
five of us on the island of a mattress keeping each
other warm one makes homemade tattoos carefully
lettered and fixed by hairspray one says see
aren’t I smart? yes, you are smart one belts out
cover tracks from behind closed doors one preps
scallions jalapeño red bell peppers for the soup
we share before driving in the dark to the rabbi’s house
one makes paper airplanes a hangar’s worth moves
on to her next project one lets the love in worthy
enough in cursive on her wrist these are the evenings
how we bond the way you apply the glue let it set
a process you don’t see happening until you check
try to pull apart the pieces that fused together overnight
or while you were busy all day making rent studying
Jewish ethics and writing songs and drawing faces
that became not mirrors but facets of a jewel
or a collection of jewels useful beautiful draped
around your heart as you head out into the morning

Image: Lisa Congdon, 365 Days of Hand Lettering: Day 285

One thought on “useful beautiful

  1. Daniel says:

    great writing a prose poem to use academic words but a bit of real life rolling and happening in the ever changing present thank you for sharing it



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