Three Things: Explore*

things to explore

1. Ways of pairing poems and photos. How projects and creations involving both relate to the at-home I feel around dumpsters and in parking lots and in alleyways and on fire escapes and train tracks, abandoned places, with graffiti on the walls if there are walls, rust, items discarded on purpose or by accident, how this has been true for so very long and I am beginning to think it’s not a phase, and how even if (when, let’s say when) I have a beautiful home office, the one I dream of, can see so clearly, serene and bright and comfy and quiet and mine, where I will write and work and see clients in person again, I will always seek out the unpopulated world in this way.

2. Candy Crush as a metaphor for everything. You move the pieces around and a lot of the time not much happens, but then you get the special ones, and a couple of those together create an explosion of progress, and you obsess over reaching the next level, only to do it all over again, sure that this new round is way, way harder than the one you just thought was really hard. It’s a stretch, but I’m serious, I’ve been exploring this for a week or two now. Do you think this means I need professional help?

3. Systems. Satisfying, self-designed systems, or systems co-created by collaborating with people whose minds work differently than mine, making me see or think about things in whole new ways. Systems that streamline and systems that synthesize. And also systems as suffocating; how institutionalizing something can also make it less human, when the system is so wedded to itself that it loses all connection to the person and value it supposedly serves. My intolerance for this, and seemingly genetic belief that systems can be circumvented, re-imagined, pushed back on, dismantled. The privilege, and the responsibility, and sometimes the powerlessness of this perspective.

* Play along with Isabel Abbott’s “three things” project at Lists and Letters


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