Stop Picking Your Nose, or, Reclaiming Your Creativity in Stages

unnamedWhen I was a teenager, I made little books of poems.

These days, I work, spend a lot of time with my girls during the half-the-week and every-other-weekend they are with us, take out the recycling on Tuesday nights, and do my damndest to get cash into the appropriate envelopes on the first of the month.

But at sixteen, I spent hours and hours printing poems in my father’s study, figuring out pagination (probably the most mathematical thing I did in all of high school), cutting and pasting and assembling words onto pages, choosing cover art from whatever magazines were in the house, and walking to the copy shop in town to use the coin-operated machines. I wrote little blurbs About the Author on the back, and inscribed every xeroxed copy of each book to someone–a family member, a boyfriend.

I used to be. A bookmaker. An artist.

And then. Life happened.

What does this have to do with picking your nose and reclaiming creativity, you ask? Click over to the Dominate blog to find out!

One thought on “Stop Picking Your Nose, or, Reclaiming Your Creativity in Stages

  1. Kitty Girl says:

    I used to write stories on my pad paper when I was in 3rd grade. I’d rent them out to classmates. I don’t remember if anyone paid. Or if anyone returned a borrowed one. That was the start of my life as a writer. And then yes, life happened. Fast forward to 2011, I quit my regular job to focus on being a wife and finally, say that I’M A WRITER, when asked what I do for a living.

    Again, life, and the not-so-beautiful side of it (at least for me) happened, and writing took a backseat again.

    I’m not sure what happens next…



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