All Prayers Are the Same Size

10678739_10204208252863073_3641201186815240828_nNote: I posted this on Facebook today, but wanted these to be my last words of 5774 in this space, too. See you in the Year to Come.


May all who enter through the open gates be met with forgiveness.

May old wounds heal and future wounds be wrapped in tapestries of light.

May peace seep into the cracks that divide us.

May the righteous be humbled and the wicked be righted.

May we be held in a vast container of love.

May the Days of Awe have mercy on all whose hearts are willing to return.

May I be ready to walk through the doors tonight to sing and pray.

May our three-day journey towards the chuppah be a steady-gazed meditation on joy on a path lined with jewels.

May the travelers be watched over and the sick be comforted.

May the New Moon bring compassion where there was conflict and support where there was suffering, honesty where there was hiding and movement where there was stagnation.

May the darkness deepen and give birth to light.

May destruction only prepare us to shine more brightly.

May we remember who we are and why we are here. May we ask for more than we think we deserve and receive with gratitude what comes into being.

May fear be consumed by fire and bitterness dissolve in the void.

May sweetness linger on our lips and coat our speech like the honey that will coat the sliced apples we’ll share.

I plan to begin posting more regularly again, after my upcoming wedding and honeymoon. In the meantime: L’shana tova, from the depths of my heart, to every fellow traveler and kindred spirit, no matter your beliefs or traditions. Thank you for being part of my circle.

And May the Schwartz Be With You.

2 thoughts on “All Prayers Are the Same Size

  1. Katrina Kenison says:

    Beautiful words, beautiful sentiments behind them. Thank you Jena and blessings on you and yours as you step into the next chapter of your life. I so appreciate your soul and your writing.



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