What If You Knew? A Two-Week Online Writing Group

IMG_20141110_181736Somehow, someone finally needs to encourage us to be inquisitive about this unknown territory and about the unanswerable question of what’s going to happen next. – Pema Chödrön, from “When Things Fall Apart”

* A warm, supportive opportunity to begin or deepen your writing practice.
* Pressure and judgement-free.
* Daily writing prompts Monday-Friday.
* Access to an optional, private Facebook group–for sharing, feedback, support, reflection, and connection.
* Permission “to write the worst junk in America.” (Thank you, Natalie Goldberg!)

Monday, December 1 – Friday, December 12


Registration Deadline Extended!
Contact me by Friday, November 28
* Send your payment via PayPal below


Short on time and strapped for cash, but still want to practice? Try the Self-Paced Writing Class instead!

What If You Knew

What if you knew
that everything was going to be okay,
that something was in motion
beyond your field of vision,
beyond even the periphery
of your knowing?

What if you knew
that everything you want,
everything you’ve been seeking,
trying to figure out, missing,
is right here, already whole
in your hands, in your life?

What if taking in what is 
could satisfy your longing?
What if you could rest your frantic, racing, busy mind
and rest your neglected, tired body,
put your head down in someone’s lap
to have your hair stroked,
like a cat, or a child?

What if you didn’t need to understand
how it works,
but could enjoy the magic
of how love shows itself
in the most unexpected, simplest of gestures?
What if everything is just as it should be?

What if nothing had to be better,
bigger, different, or other?

What would you do then?
Who would you be?

(December 2008)

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