dancing with resistance

10917398_10205088881238232_3198115805177246503_nI’m all two left feet
never learned the steps
incorrigibly uncoordinated
I want to blame my dance
for this clumsy lack
of grace but she smiles
down at me
my head reaches maybe
her shoulder
she leans down
pulls the hair back away
from my ear
whispers so the others
won’t hear
and there will be no shame
Put your feet on mine
I follow this one instruction
just for a moment a child
willing not to know
the next step
I look down and she lifts
my chin so that our eyes
are dancing together
and then there is gliding
across the simple floor
an arm around my waist
a twirl even
a taste of freedom
makes me brave enough
to let go of her
and swoop around alone
dancing now not with anyone
or anything but my own
two legs, heart beating
loudly following the beat
of a drum of a bass
of a riff I didn’t know
I could give myself to
until now
the child becomes a woman
grown able to trust
the way her, my, body wants
to move
and suddenly resistance
has vanished become the dance
itself and I, I am both
watcher and partner,
dancer and standing still
marveling that such a thing
could happen and I could call
it my own


Join me in February or March to practice your own dance steps. Ten minutes a day is all it takes. Register here.

Write. Practice. Be good to yourself. 


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