What started as white birch

IMG_20150309_134255What started as white
birch became silver
and what was silver
became a painted tree
became a network of
capillaries, arteries,
nerves entangled and
exposed to the sky.

What started as a three-
minute rant became twenty
and a talk with God
I was the child asking
could You just call,
could You take care of it,
take care of it all?

What started as walking
over packed snow became
post-holing off-trail
knee-deep, each step
sinking until
I reached the fallen
limb where I dangled
my legs over the melt.

What started as put away
the groceries and tackle
a sinkful of dishes, coffee
grinds and bloated rice
became a startled
fright became
the hug I didn’t
know I needed.

What started as an image
became a line became
a stanza and another
became a poem
and I didn’t want to
make it smile pretty
for the camera,
splash cold water.

What started as a whim
became a date and a dare
became a leap and
the leap 
led me
here and the here is
a yellow room
where sometimes I pray
and sometimes I sleep.

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