everything went right

33e87376f55881e8909dc98fbd8db0b7everything went right
the snow melted
and spring came
and the air was so sweet
and everywhere were flowers
and we were able to fling open
the windows and deep clean
and you could breathe
breathe easy and deep
and what a relief
everything went right
one day at a time
led us in all the right directions
and our lives began to fill up
with friends again
and money in the bank
and our days began to feel
like music that had a rhythm
we could dance to
everything went right
my work took on momentum
and your book finished itself
and living the dream
unfolded because we were awake
and stopped sleeping
through any of it
because we took ourselves
seriously and didn’t take anything
too seriously
everything went right
we looked back
but not often and when we did
we laughed at what we feared
once and wondered why
we were ever afraid
of this amazingness
everything went right
we didn’t fall off of any cliffs
the net always appeared
god listened and loved it
when we talked to him
god invited himself over
and stayed
everything went right
I stayed home with you and
we started going out more and
soon we were in the South
of France and we were on planes
with girls and together
we were seeing more and more
of the world
and eating our way
through life and it was so so good
everything went right
I met you
and married you
the kids all grew up and
were more than ok thriving and
in close touch with us
because we had done everything
right to keep them safe but also
to let them find their own ways
everything went right
and we tried to remember fear
tension holding patterns
but couldn’t remember
so we stopped trying
because life was too wonderful
to waste on that
because everything, everything
went right


Mani & I both do the writing prompts from my groups, and read to each other after ten minutes of early-morning freewriting during the week. This morning, she said, “Oh! It’s Saturday. I’m going to have to write without a prompt.” So we gave each other prompts. Mine was (you guessed it) everything went right. And this is what came.

Tell me about everything going right. Because couldn’t we all stand to spend more time on that?

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