Sometimes Vulnerable is So Vulnerable

a052986f5bd032a26880866a8f11dc9aSometimes vulnerable
is so vulnerable
there’s no better word
for what happens
when you stand at the end
of the bed, just before
turning away, change
your mind, unbutton
your old coat
as in, this is not
the kind of protection
I want to wear,
instead turning to one
who will listen,
even, especially, when
this one is yourself,
and revealing the soft
ache a comment
or a conversation
pushed on, didn’t mean
harm but that phantom
pain sometimes
comes unexpectedly,
and saying this hurts,
and I don’t need it
That’s when some tears
might come, the kind
kind, that would have you
know you are loved,
not loved anyway,
but really loved right
right there in the room
you could have left
without a word,
but didn’t.

12 thoughts on “Sometimes Vulnerable is So Vulnerable

  1. jennifersekella says:

    I read this as the sky weeps outside and I can hear the tears buffeted against my windows – there is security here in the light and warmth of my bedroom, and security above in the gentle acceptance of your thoughts shared. I am peace.



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