Why Not Enjoy the Precipice


Forget fancy footwork.
Standing on the precipice,
what you need is not to think
about your feet.

There was a woman
who journeyed to the edge
of the world without
ever leaving home.

Light from billions of stars
traveled around her body
with every blink,
and she wept.

Her soul poured out
from the top of her head
and her green eyes
were oceans of tears.

Bodies as containers
and sky as container
and earth as imprint
and fear no longer.

Look at this beauty
she said, just as God
had insisted she trust
the bigness of breaking.

Open, open, open
and close–be a flower
and a featherweight
as dense and light

as starlight, as death,
as chest out, head up
hands open, heart
ease of receiving.

Give up the fancy
and the footwork.
Stand still here
on the edge.

The wind is glorious,
warm, an embrace.
Words don’t have
to be perfect.

All the moments
of waiting, the questions
the thinking,
rest on this platform

of stone, of solid
ground, the stars
on her head, yours,
mine. This moment

in time already
gone, a flourish
and a flash, glory
come and you done

good girl, grown up
from fetal to crow
to the half-moon
herself, dark side

and light as one.
Come. The cliff calls
again, at night she beckons.
Accept her invitation

when you are willing
to say yes again
to risking everything
and nothing is at stake

but your heart,
your art, your life–
that’s all. No wrong
way to move here

so why not enjoy
being so beautiful
and believing, standing
tall under all the stars.

Image source unknown. 

2 thoughts on “Why Not Enjoy the Precipice

  1. deeeharper says:

    Love this poem … it had me holding my breath for the woman in the precipice while cheering her on. Then the beauty of the final stanza took my breath away:
    so why not enjoy
    being so beautiful
    and believing, standing
    tall under all the stars.

    PS. just looked at previous note and saw ‘breathless’ used there as well. See?

    Liked by 1 person


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