The Roar Sessions

04-i-am-woman-hear-me-roar1More people shared my recent Hear Me Roar post than perhaps anything I’ve ever posted here. It was pretty  incredible for me, especially given I almost didn’t put out there.

Recognition. Mirrors for each other. A shared, unifying desire to speak. To be heard. To take ourselves seriously. To stop apologizing. To ditch the “maybes” and the “kind ofs” and the “does that make sense?” and all the other ways we diminish ourselves with the words we choose. A pull to connect, a disinterest in competing, a common denominator of creating strong, supportive communities.

Some days my voice is quiet and unsure, other days the quiet is the surest thing I know, and yet other times, I want to shout it all from the rooftops. What moves me most consistently–literally moves me into action–is balancing the quiet and the shouting. Sometimes I’m unmoored by the stories I create in my head and the intense emotions that accompany them; these come out of left field, and like summer storms, they’re amazing to watch–from a distance.

We all roar differently. Our own voices change over time.

With this in mind, I’m excited to launch The Roar Sessions, a series of guests posts here. Beginning on Monday, June 22–with words from my roaring comrade Patti Digh–I’ll be featuring a weekly perspective on what it means to roar and to “own it,” to ground an overused phrase in real-life experiences. I’m so excited to run with this idea, and hope you will read, comment, share, and engage as the weeks and our stories unfold.

Image from Toby Lubov’s blog

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