The YAK Sessions, or, Freewriting as a Form of Self-Inquiry

11796381_10206596797255190_670805056911804570_nStuck? Deciding? Navigating?

I’ve shared my poem, What If You Knew? so many times at this point that I finally realized it wanted me to use it as the basis for a return to my coaching work–but in a way that blends coaching with writing practice.

But my words won’t bring you clarity.

Yours will.

Because when you pay attention to your heart and not your fears, when you really listen, chances are good that these three words will ring true:

You Already Know.

The YAK Sessions are for you if you’ve been:

  • torturing yourself in the disguise of careful consideration;
  • dragging out a difficult decision;
  • longing to be really heard.

Want to learn more?

Visit the new YAK Sessions page for details!


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