The Roar Sessions: Nyarkoa Mensah-Jordan

The Call
by Nyarkoa Yaa Mensah-Jordan

I’ve been seeing the signs
there’s a reason and rhyme for the way
things are going today
We’ve been tearing the tweed
Fertilizing the weeds
Standing round weeping for the death of the seeds (hey, hey, hey)

I’ve been feeling the wound
There’s no stopping it soon
I can cleave. I can get up and leave
But there ain’t no escape
Even death ain’t a break
If among the living your required to awake

And the wheels don’t’ stop. I hear the ticking of the clock
Yeah the rivers gonna rock. But I’m here to stay, ay ay ay…..

Black lives matter we cry
As the blood of black boys, women, men
spill in streets with no end
police claim defense
lynching out, chokehold in
The evidence is captured on the video lens (hey, hey)

Jim Crow ain’t really dead
It just lives underground through the law
Protect supremacies cause
Discriminate high, show constitutional lies
American democracy ain’t nothing but hypocrisy now

And the wheels don’t’ stop. I hear the ticking of the clock
Yeah the rivers gonna rock. But I’m here to stay, ay ay aya…..

There is something within
That ain’t touched by the lies or fear
It’s holy and clear
I’m putting my trust in treasure that won’t rust
Lay my weapons by the riverside this war has got to stop
With me

And the light does shine
Through the darkest times
Holding the world for us all
For us all


unnamed (3)Nyarkoa Mensah-Jordan is a dancer, singer-songwriter, social worker, mother, wife, sister and daughter of the Land of Enchantment, on sojourn in the green mountain state.  Her deep connection to the earth and its people was born in New Mexico.  That is where the songs first came alive, spilling out into the waiting air.

The holy blood of three great nations runs through her veins, and she honors them all.  She gets great joy from dancing, singing and sharing deep and honest connection with other beings and the earth. Her relationship with God sustains and strengthens her.  All is well!

4 thoughts on “The Roar Sessions: Nyarkoa Mensah-Jordan

  1. traviswernet says:

    So great to hear your voice Nyarkoa! Thank you for this potent and vital music of the heart and the soul… keep going!!! – as William Stafford said and you’ve said in your own voice here:

    “It’s important that awake people be awake/or a breaking line could send us all back to sleep/the signals we give/”yes, no, maybe”/must be clear, for the darkness around us is deep” xoxo Trav

    Liked by 1 person


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