The Roar Sessions: Khadijah

IMG_0266The Many Voices of Roar
by Khadijah

You know
this roar
of mine
a whisper
a cry
a hard look
that pins you
to the wall
a hand held out
a push
a low, languorous
This roar
fills me up
so close to
my skin can’t hold it
A child
to God
Let my mother live
A mother’s cry
as bombs fall
of where they land
whose limbs they
Let my children live
Wrapping justice
strong, supple body
flinging it like
sweat from a runner’s brow
hot embers rain down
I welcome the fallout
it means
Strike One
a beginning
A human,
shredded by
weaves a roar
of broken shards
of glass
a dream of wholeness
made real


11800451_751910364917344_3441734197550424571_nKhadijah lives and roars on a small homestead in rural Missouri. She encourages women to let their voices be heard through her work with Story Circle Network, and is passionate about speaking up and working for change.

She is currently writing a book about her life in Yemen, and is hoping to make her roar heard through sharing her story and teaching others about living a sustainable lifestyle.

23 thoughts on “The Roar Sessions: Khadijah

  1. Judy P. says:

    Wow, Khadijah. Really powerful–it gave me goosebumps. I admire not just your way with words but your courage in “roaring” them out. Thanks for forging a path and leading the way for the rest of us who are trying to roar, too.

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    • yemenijourney says:

      It’s funny- I was thinking I should have read it out loud for the blog post, but technologically, I don’t know how that can be done!


  2. Susan/s says:

    How wonderful to hear your poetic voice, Khadijah! This is a beautiful poem. And it’s good to be reminded of the myriad of roars. Your support for other women writers is a roar that is echoing now through Story Circle Network, and your work for the earth is a roar that is being heard by many, too. Thank you for sharing your heart so openly.


  3. Lee Ambrose says:

    Khadijah – as always your voice is so powerful! You roar with all the passion, grace and dignity that a woman can have within herself. The fact that you willingly share that passion with others is a blessing to all. Since ‘meeting’ you many years ago at Story Circle Network, I have watched you grow and stretch yourself in ways that many would avoid if given the choice. With each passing year at Story Circle Network – in our prose and poetry circles and on the Board of Directors – our common bonds strengthen and your voice roars more eloquently all the time.

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  4. Mary Jo Doig says:

    Dear Khadijah,
    My comment is late and, as I read all the above, my response would be a blend of so many of the writers’ thoughts: such power, grace, and beauty enfolds your lovely words. I’ve loved sharing your prose and poetry over the years in Story Circle Network and have, especially, loved to see and FEEL your growth as an excellent writer.

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  5. Linda Marshall says:

    My response is late, too, Khadijah,
    Thank you for daring greatly to give voice to your passion through poetry. Your piece is so powerful as others have noted, it is hard for me to understand why putting poetry out into the world is hard for you. Thank you for your courage in doing so. You are an inspiration for all of us who find it hard to put our work out into the world.

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