Saying the Thing


It is good sometimes
to say the thing
you’re afraid to say.
It is good to say the thing
that is being said
anyway– with your body
language, your mother
tongue, your back
to the room or hand
on the stick shift
or exchanging dollar
for drink or lashing
out in anger
when you are angry
in part because there’s
the thing you aren’t
saying out loud
that’s actually sad
or scary, an ache,
a fear of loss
or change, easier,
you tell yourself,
to recoil, pull away
and in and yes, do
that when you need,
trust yourself, don’t
take any of these
vertical words as anything
but one woman
at her kitchen table
eyes dried now
marriage strengthened
by the opening
of a hand on a thigh,
a tear and a torrent,
a truth we both knew:
sometimes yes,
we miss the way
it used to be.
Then we think
less, feel more
and remember how
now’s better than
a month or six
ago and oh, Einstein
you brilliant heart, you
knew relativity was more
than theory but bedrock
anchor dagger
cutting through illusion
self-pity and permanence.
Thankful yes to have
a love to hold a tender
moment to get to
speak truth
when it’s scary
and would be easier
so much so to go
smoke alone
on the porch.
No. No smoking.
And no alone, not that kind.
This is us together.
This is real life.
This is a blessing.

7 thoughts on “Saying the Thing

  1. dhenryb says:

    It is good sometimes
    to say the thing
    you’re afraid to say………………………….Pema Chodrin says this is exactly: Where we have to start—with ourselves—sitting with and accepting and letting be those places we want (continually) to run away from because of our fears… we do this we become stronger and able, eventually, to turn the compassion we have needed for ourselves outward to other people………but the saying of the words, the sitting with what we are afraid of, this must come first……..her teaching really opened my mind (as you do so often!)

    Liked by 1 person


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