So Glad to See You


You and I
are gonna get along
just fine

You and I
are gonna light
each other up

not by comparing
the outside
of the fronts
of the houses

not by comparing
the outside
of the faces

not by comparing
the outside
of the appearances
of the layers
we live
and inside of

not by writing
the best poems
not by good hair days
or great accomplishments
where we thought
we were supposed
to be
by now

not by medals
when real courage
is heart-bound and sourced

No, none of these
gonna be
the reasons
we get along

We gonna get along
because you
told the story
of the night
your daughter
and you waited
it out
with her

and the time
your son grunted
and went from boy
to man in an instant
then came to hug
you though
he towers

and the time
your father was sick
and the time
your mother
just couldn’t

and the time
your baby
and the time
your house burned down
and that
was not a metaphor

We are gonna get along
by assembling
all of these
of memory
and tension
and also bliss
the bliss of when
it’s easy
the bliss of when
we feel remembered

We are gonna
show up
when it’s rough
and show up even harder
for the moments
when we laugh
until we cry

when snake medicine
comes to show you
the night
and hawk
has no time to waste
and there is nothing
we can gain
by looking away
and so
we will look
each other’s eyes

Saying, oh there you are
my old friend
I am so glad to see you
I am so glad
to be here

You and I,
We gonna get along
just fine

7 thoughts on “So Glad to See You

  1. Lisa Sorensen says:

    Jena, this is such a dive into the heart of friendship. Thank you! I’ve been struggling with a post about this very thing, about what really truly connects us when we step aside from comparing and not-being-enough-ness. I scrapped my post this morning because I couldn’t reduce it down to what matters. And then I come to read your eloquent poem of truth. Wow. xox


  2. dhenryb says:

    you zipped these lines along a special step-step-step with plenty of space to tell the real story of what we can share and do share and can bring us so close that we are one in our worlds and just one together…

    Liked by 1 person


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